inside image New Delhi: Janata Party chief Subramanian Swamy, Thursday moved the Supreme Court challenging the trial court order which had held that Home Minister P Chidmbaram did not indulge in any criminal conspiracy in the 2G case and refused to make him an accused in it.

Swamy claimed that in his 70-para verdict delivered early this month, the trial court judge had agreed with him in 65 paras, yet his appeal was dismissed as the trial court felt that he was unable to prove Chidambaram''s criminality in the case.

Swamy told the Supreme court in his petition that he could prove Chidambaram''s criminality only if the latter  was asked to undergo a cross-examination.

Swamy's plea was, however, rejected on February 4, by the Special CBI Court, trying the 2G case, which had said Chidambaram did not indulge in any criminal conspiracy or derived any pecuniary advantage in the decisions taken with Raja.He also said that he will not recognise Sonia Gandhi or her son Rahul as political leaders in their own right.


23 Feb 2012